Course Schedule and Readings

We will be discussing specific works of art in conjunction with the readings—these works will be referred to and/or posted on your course blog so check the blog frequently for the art due that day.

August 25 Banning and Censoring Art

August 27 What is Art? Is Art Speech?
Kelefa Sanneh, “The Hell You Say” (on canvas)

September 1 Plato, The Republic, Book X

September 3 Plato; Aristotle Poetics, Chs 1-15

ART Dangerous Dancing and Riotous Music

September 8 Aristotle, Poetics, Chs 1-15

ART Banned from Constitution Hall

September 10 Bell, “The Aesthetic Hypothesis”

ART Banned in Boston

September 15 Tolstoy, “What is Art?”

ART Degenerate Art

September 17 David van Mill, “Freedom of Speech” (on Canvas)
Review the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR)

September 22 Academic Advising Session (bring your laptop or tablet to class)

September 24 Milton, Areopagitica (on Canvas); ALA Banned Books Week

ART Dangerous and Banned Poets

September 29-Oct 1 Banned Books Week: Oral presentations on banned books

ART Banned and Challenged Books

October 6 Collingwood, The Principles of Art, Ch 7
Review for Midterm Exam
First Short Paper Due

October 8 Midterm Exam

October 15 Dewey, Art as Experience, Chs 1-2

October 20 Schiller, On the Aesthetic Education of Man, Letters 26-27

ART Marilyn, Madonna, Gaga

October 22 Academic Advising Session (bring your laptop or tablet to class)

October 27 Mo Tzu, “Against Music”
Hsun Tzu, “A Discussion of Music”

ART Banned Music

October 29 Oral presentations on banned music

November 3 Geertz, “Art as a Cultural System” (also available on canvas)
Second short paper due

ART Banned by Definition

November 5 Hume, Of the Standard of Taste

November 10 Shih-t’ao, “Quotes on Painting”

November 12 Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association (2010)
Supreme Court Case involving censorship of video games
Read the decisions and listen to the oral arguments:

November 17 Group Presentation: Public Funding of the Arts
Read: Comments on Andres Serrano by Members of the United States
Senate, Congressional Record, May 18, 1989.
Consider some examples from Art on Trial

November 19 Group Presentation: Arts and Public Education
“Americans for the Arts” and the “Why the Arts Matter” videos

November 24 Group Presentation: Film, TV, Music, Video Ratings
Review: Motion Picture Association Film Ratings; Music/Recording Industry of America Parental Advisory Resources

December 1 Oral presentations on banned visual art

December 3 Review for Final Exam
Third Short Paper due

December 8 Final Exam 12:00-2:30pm (note the final exam begins earlier than class time)